Where can I get more help?

This page includes links to additional information on OSHA standards for hazard identification, as well as more resources for arc flash specific hazards. Please also feel free to contact our engineering firm of record for help with your medium to large arc flash analysis project.

Arc Flash Resources

  • Arc Flash Solutions
  • Arc Flash Prevention
  • Arc Flash Resrouce Center
  • SKM ArcCalc Software
  • Vinyl Label Printers

  • PPS Engineering

    Professional Power Systems is owned and operated by Glenn Walls, P.E. Glenn has over 30 years experience in the electrical industry, including commercial and industrial electrical distribution design, analysis and construction. He has been performing arc flash hazard studies since the inception of the NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584 standards, and specializes in the area of short circuit, overcurrent coordination, and arc flash hazard analysis. He consistently manages projects that are technically accurate, on time and within budget. Mr. Walls is a registered Professional Engineer in Virginia, North Carolina, Texas and Washington, and is a member of IEEE and NFPA.

    Visit the PPS Engineering website