Why label arc flash hazard areas?

Labeling arc flash hazard areas is vital to the safety of your facility! Through proper labeling, you can help prevent accidents related to arc flash, and mitigate other electrical risks. Arc flash incidents are more easily prevented when employees are aware of the risks and dangers they face.

Labeling Printers

arc flash label printer

Our vinyl arc flash label printers are a powerful and effective method of marking arc flash hazards.

arc flash labeling supplies

SafetyPro arc flash labels are the best in the industry, with an 8yr duty cycle even in harsh environments.

Arc Flash Software

SKM ArcCalc

SKM ArcCalc is an industry leading arc flash calculator. It can be used for simple system analysis and label printing.

SKM PowerTools

SKM PowerTools are used by electrical engineers to create computerized mapping of complex systems.

What is a label printer?

A label printer is used to create custom vinyl labels such as arc flash warning labels and other OSHA or ANSI compliant warning labels. The SafetyPro label printer has multiple uses for electrical hazard safety labeling and general facility safety labeling.

Electrical Safety Counts


When it comes to the workplace, safety counts. OSHA and ANSI regulations clearly demonstrate the importance of properly and adequately marking hazards, including hazards for electrical safety and arc flash. When companies choose not to follow these recommendations, they are putting themselves and their employees at risk. Accidents are not only costly, they can cost lives.

Make sure to review these important safety standards. Arc flash prevention is often a matter of OSHA standards compliance.